The Perfect Wedding Glow

January 25, 2023


It’s completely understandable to want a golden glow for your big day (I know I sure did). I mean who doesn’t want to look their absolute best for their wedding?

Unfortunately a bad spray tan is not as simple as just ‘Photo shopping it out’. But that doesn’t mean that you have to go without on your wedding day!

If you are hoping to walk down the aisle looking bronzed to perfection, here are our top tips for getting a gorgeous pre-wedding spray tan!

+ Go light. 1-2 shades darker than your regular skin tone will give you a light glow without looking unnatural.

+ Pick a shade with a green base. This will eliminate orange undertones.

+ Test your tan shade out beforehand to make sure it compliments your skin tone.

+ If you can, test your tan out a day or two before your make-up trial. Even better if your are aligning both with an engagement shoot. That way you can make sure they both photograph well.

+ Splurge on a professional spray tan for the best possible coverage.

+ Exfoliate well in the days leading up to getting your tan.

+ If your partner is fair, be mindful that a dark tan might leave them looking washed out by comparison.

+ Ensure your bridesmaids follow the same rules. The last thing you want is a bright orange bridal party.